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Oilfield Solutions Inc.

At Empire, we want you walking away knowing that you’ve come to the right place. With our state-of-the-art solutions and services, we’re confident that we can provide you with the tools to get the job done.

Empire Oilfield Solutions is committed to delivering high-quality services and solutions for the oilfield industry. With many years of experience and an excellent team of employees, we’ve got the knowledge and skill to serve you better! Having provided services to some of the biggest names in the industry, we know that we have a name to live up to. That means that we want to give you the best quality work no matter how dirty our hands get. We take pride in offering a range of services from torque, to frac support, disposal pumping, and BOP recertification. Our team of workers have the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to tackle any job you may have, and they’re available 24/7 so you know the work is always getting done from drilling to completion. Need equipment as well? No problem. With our top-notch rental service, we’ll also provide you with any tools and/or equipment that suit your needs.


Our rental service offers a wide range of tools and equipment. If we do not have any of the equipment and tools available, we can help you find them. We want to see your operations up and running no matter what!


We like to provide our staff with the best possible environment. That is because we believe that positivity in the workplace creates a stronger team. Bearing this in mind, our team won’t let you down. They have the skills and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and they’re always ready to work.


If you have any special requirements that are specific to your job and need customized tools, we are more than ready to help.
Contact us today to get a quote for your equipment, personnel or any other oilfield related needs.